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Bookmark and ShareLesson 8 – August 21The Man of Romans 7

Scripture Focus:

Romans 7


Without Christ, we are dead in sin; in Christ, we have a new life.

Materials Needed:

Bible, sheets of paper, pencils, Seventh-day Adventist Hymnals

Connecting with the Scripture Topic

A. Your friends plan to sneak into a musical concert without paying, but you tell them you don’t feel right about it. “Come on,” one of them says, “Paul said that when he wanted to do right, he found himself doing wrong. So it’s all right to break the law now and then.” How would you respond?

B. A friend with whom you’ve been studying the Bible tells you, “It’s no use. I can’t quit smoking. I’ve tried dozens of times, and I’ve failed every time.” What would you tell him or her?

Sharing and Receiving Scripture

A. You’re giving a Bible study, and your student says, “Didn’t Paul once say that the commandments were against us and Christ killed them by dying on the cross?” Using Romans 7:8-11, how would you answer this question?

B. Thought Questions

Read Romans 7:7. What is the relationship between the law and sin?

  1. The law is sin.
  2. The law defines sin.
  3. The law defines lust.
  4. Without the law, there is no sin.
  5. Without sin, there’s no need for a Savior.
  6. Other...

Read Romans 7:8-11. How does the law relate to sin and death?

  1. When I didn’t know the law, I was alive.
  2. When I became acquainted with the law, I discovered sin.
  3. I learned that I haven’t been keeping the law.
  4. Before I knew about the law, I was sinless.
  5. Sin deceived me, and the commandment killed me.
  6. Other...

Read Romans 7:12-15. Paul says the following things about the law and how he reacts to it:

  1. It is holy, just, and good.
  2. It is spiritual.
  3. It is carnal.
  4. Paul is sold under sin.
  5. What he wanted to do, he didn’t do.
  6. Other...

Read Romans 7:24, 25. What solution did Paul find for his problem?

  1. He realized that he could not obey the law.
  2. He longed for someone to deliver him from “the body of this death.”
  3. He found that by using his willpower, he could do it himself.
  4. He discovered that Jesus could deliver him.
  5. Now he serves the law of God with his mind, even though his body still sins sometimes.
  6. Other...

Applying the Message of Scripture

Gather in groups of two or three. Choose one of the following options and work on a solution. After several minutes, report back to the larger group with your findings.

Option 1: In Romans 7:1-6, how does Paul use a widow’s right to remarry to explain how we can die to our sinful nature and become one with Christ? Write your findings on sheets of paper and present them to the group.

Option 2: In Romans 7:12-16, how can a good law bring death? Write your findings on sheets of paper and present them to the group.

Option 3: In the song “Cover With His Life” (#412 in the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal), how does the hymn writer explain the meaning of Roman 7:24, 25? Write your answers on slips of paper and then read or sing one stanza of the song to the group.

Valuing Scripture in Your Life

A. Spend a few minutes meditating on how Jesus has saved you from the sin revealed by the law.

B. Share with one other person your personal experience of how Jesus saved you from sin. Close by praying that God will give you grace to let Jesus save you from sin.

Next Week’s Scripture Focus:

Romans 8:1-17

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