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Lesson for September 27th, 2014

The Second Coming of Jesus

Scripture Focus

John 14:1-3; Matthew 16:27; 24:3-14; 42, 44; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


Early Adventists called it “the blessed hope.” We can have that same hope because Jesus promised to come again!

Materials Needed

Blank white paper, crayons or markers, lined paper, pens, a church hymnal, newspapers and/or news magazines, scissors

Connecting with the Scripture Topic

  1. Draw a picture of what you think the Second Coming will look like. Use you imagination and be as descriptive as possible. Share your drawing with the group and explain the imagery you used.
  2. Read Matthew 24:21-26. Next, look through newspapers and magazines to find stories that fit the description in Matthew; cut them out to be passed around. Do these stories mean that the end is near? Why or why not?

Sharing and Receiving Scripture

  1. What can we expect as we look forward to Jesus’ second coming?
  2. Thought Questions

Read John 14:1-3. What guarantee do we have that Jesus’ words will be fulfilled?

  1. If Jesus loved us enough to die for us, then Jesus will definitely return for us!
  2. Faith is our only guarantee.
  3. We don’t have an absolute guarantee because Jesus isn’t on earth today to tell us.
  4. Jesus is busy preparing heaven for us. That means Jesus is planning to return.
  5. Jesus has never failed to keep a promise, and Jesus will not fail us now!
  6. Other...

According to Matthew 16:27, what is the main purpose for the Second Coming?

  1. To reward us for all our hard work
  2. To reward our faithfulness with eternal life in Jesus
  3. To give some people big rewards and other small rewards, depending on what they’ve done
  4. To give the reward that has already been decided in heaven prior to the Second Coming
  5. To show the universe that God is a just God because everyone will get what they deserve
  6. Other…

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. How does this text prove that there will not be a secret rapture?

  1. We will hear Jesus coming. There will be a shout and trumpets!
  2. The righteous dead will come out of their graves, healthy and alive.
  3. There is still a possibility of a secret rapture, and then the events of this text could happen.
  4. The living righteous will be lifted up to the clouds to travel to heaven.
  5. We will actually see Jesus coming.
  6. Other…

Read Matthew 24:42-44. How do Jesus’ words help to prepare us for the Second Coming?

  1. Since we don’t know when it will happen, we should basically “freeze” life and wait.
  2. Jesus wants to surprise us because that’s the way Jesus will know who really wants to go to heaven.
  3. Jesus, knowing that we could grow tired of waiting, encourages us to be on guard.
  4. Jesus wants us to live like heavenly beings now—not to wait till we get to heaven.
  5. There needs to be some fear in us so we won’t take the Second Coming for granted.
  6. Other…

Applying the Message of Scripture

Gather in groups of two or three. Choose one of the following options and work on a solution. Then report back to your group when your facilitator says time is up.

  • Option 1: Do you know someone who is discouraged and needs hope? Plan to visit with this person and share the hope of the Second Coming. Encourage him or her to hold on by sharing Bible texts about the Second Coming.
  • Option 2: Search the hymnal’s index for songs about the Second Coming. Choose one whose words mean something to you. Read the lyrics to the group and explain why this song is special to you.
  • Option 3: Imagine a world without a Second Coming. What would it be like for you? Your family? What would society be like? How would this impact the rate of addictive behaviors? Write down your thoughts and share them with the group.

Valuing Scripture in Your Life

  1. Ask yourself, “How can I prepare for the Second Coming?” Don’t just give surface answers; dig deep to see if there’s something more important to you than God’s gift of eternal life. Ask God to help you change into a person who lives life in readiness.
  2. Are you tired of waiting for the Second Coming? While you wait, what can you do to occupy your time wisely?

Next Week's Scripture Focus

Jeremiah 23:23, 24; Psalm 11:4-7; 89:14; Revelation 4, 5; Deuteronomy 25:1; Hebrews 8:1, 2

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